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  • Our vision

    We believe that the best way to reform land rights across the world is from the bottom up, driven by the landowner, rather than from the top down, driven by the land authority. By uploading information onto our system users will receive the tools that will help them unlock capital trapped in their land assets.

    A free service for landowners

    In Emerging Markets

    When a landowner uploads information about their land claim we store it for them securely and provide a single document that rates the strength of their land claim, provides a valuation and links them to an address. Once a user has uploaded their information they receive access to our marketplace where they can take advantage of a wide selection of Financial, insurance and land related services.

    A salesforce that benefits from flexible working

    Creating Jobs for the young

    In response to the high rates of unemployment that present an ever increasing threat to emerging markets, Stake Your Claim provides thousands of jobs for anyone, who can work on their terms and are incentivised to upload high quality information. No formal education is required just an understanding of English and a mobile phone. In this way we will mobilise the latent workforce of 18-30 year olds to solve the persistent issue of insecure land tenure.

    A portal that allows land authorities to generate income

    Digitising land records and locking them into the blockchain

    In support of the efforts of land authorities to organise and digitise their registries we provide a paid service where land authorities can generate income from endorsing the claims of our users. Not only does this provide an income stream for cash strapped government departments but it reinforces the validity of Stake Your Claim land summaries.

    A direct link between users and financial services

    To unlock value in land

    We foster the relationships between land owners and third parties who can help to unlock the value trapped in land with insecure tenure. The Stake Your Claim summary is a useful tool for users to demonstrate land ownership and for finance and insurance providers to assess the suitability of these users for their products. We shine a light on uncertain land tenure and make it easier for users to access financial services.

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    Optional engagement with service providers

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    See what Stake Your Claim is seeking to achieve and how it is going to do it

    Stake Your Claim Overview

    Our concept explained

    How to use Stake Your Claim

    A video showing exactly how the system works